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No.1 Top Brand Awards 

We won in a school-level quality assurance system of the
Private Education Commission of the Ministry of Education. They called us an outstanding school.

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Nakornping Aphibalkit Nurse Aide School

Scope      :    An education that provides top-quality nurse assistants to meet the worldwide demand.

Mission     :   Our mission is to provide our students with a professional working attitude and the right moral.

Motto      :    Our motto is first of all compassion, that leads to honest moral in discipline.



The student will take a comprehensive course and graduates as a full-time Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) . This title will enable the graduate to be employed within the whole field of health care, like in hospitals and clinics, nursing homes, private care and home-based nursing. Company health care as well as health care organisations are other options. At the end of the 6-months training period (professional training, supervised by the Ministry of Education), the graduate will be allowed to apply for international jobs.

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  •   You can register for any class all the time, Saturday - Sunday,  08:00 am - 5 pm.

School costs and how to pay tuition

If the registration fee is paid. All refunds are non-refundable.

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Directions & Objectives

  • 1. An education suitable for a career in nursing aid positions, to gain the maximum wage in this field. After graduation you could get an employment quickly.

  • 2. A Nakornping Aphibalkit Nurse Aide School-graduate will have skills in order to provide high-quality health care to all age groups of society. A professional assistant for children, adults and especially elderly people. We are specialists when it comes to fragile children and needy patients, requiring professional help and support.

  • 3. During training the student will be led to develop a calm inner and outward demeanor. That is a characteristic found in the best of nurses.

  • 4. Nakornping Aphibalkit Nurse Aide School curriculum is extensive and through. It is upgraded constantly. We develop each student with care. We are teaching specialised subjects, making sure every student develops the necessary skills to perform well in nursing assistance.

Employment Opportunities

  •  private and/or public hospitals 

  •  child- or elderly nursing homes , child nursery

  •  medical clinics

  •  kindergartens

  •  children nursery

  •  health care institutes

  •  private jobs 

  •  other health care-related jobs 


Supplementary training.

  •   Nurses aide
  •  Assistant pharmacist
  •  Dental assistant.
  •  Center staff assistant beauty.

Free :  dormitories, uniforms, textbooks, teaching aid

Basic tutoring in English and Japanese for free

 We provide an opportunity to work and study in an US-Au Pair-program. This is a project that had been established and is supported by the United States' Ministry of Education for the reason of cultural exchange. The graduates of Nakornping Aphibalkit Nurse aide School could get one of the existing tickets. We get tickets of an annual revenue of approximately 300,000 (Bath) of free  tickets from the U.S.A.To access the Au Pair-program, you apply via us and do the pastoral certification of child care ( working 200 hours).
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Help of Heart - Support group  Nakornphing Aphibalkit School of Nurse Aide, certified by the Thai Ministry Education set up a fund called "Help of Heart-Support Group". A fund to share kindness as CSR. It is an independent organization to assist on the streets. For both, the providing as well as the receiving side, it shall promote educational equity. We see it as charity, to promote health as well as educating further. 
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School costs and how to pay tuition

If the registration fee is paid. All refunds are non-refundable.

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แผนที่​ โรงเรียนนครพิงค์อภิบาลกิจ  
(Modern Education) เลขที่ 392/1-2 หมู่ 3 ต.บ้านกลาง อำเภอสันป่าตอง จ.เชียงใหม่ 50120


โทรศัพท์สอบถามรายละเอียดที่   053-111513 , 089-7559412  

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